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What do you get?

  • Hand coded XHTML and CSS

    We build code from scratch.

    We will NEVER use WYSIWYG software to code your designs. These can often produce unnecessary and unwanted code, hindering the efficiency and speed of your website.

    That's why, at Quality XHTML, we guarantee that the code you receive will be fully optimized and tailored to your requirements.

  • Fully semantic mark-up

    To reduce bandwidth usage, increase load speed and accessibility, and to make your web pages easy to update, we separate the structure (XHTML), presentation (CSS) and behaviour (JavaScript).

  • W3C compliance

    Since our establishment we have always adhered to W3C standards, ensuring that all of our work is 100% validating XHTML and CSS.

  • Cross-browser compatibility

    In order to ensure that all visitors to your website view the proper images and page structure, regardless of what browser they use, we test all web pages across 4 of the most popular internet browsers.

    The browsers that we test are Firefox 2.0+, Safari 2+, Internet Explorer 6+, and Opera.

  • Search engine optimization

    We build every piece of code with the search engines in mind, ensuring that it is as friendly and accessible to them as possible.

    Doing so means that you do not have to spend any money on SEO from 3rd party suppliers. This service comes as standard with all of our work.

  • Load speed optimization

    Every image on your website should be as lightweight as possible whilst maintaining aesthetic quality. This guarantees that your web pages are as user-friendly as possible.

    We ensure that this is true of all images on your site.

  • Superb service and fast turnaround

    As we mentioned before, we are highly committed to providing superior service and product quality to all of our clients.

    If we didn't do this, we simply wouldn't survive.

    Whilst we can work to most turnaround times, quality will, under no circumstance, be compromised.

    Your website is the image that you portray to your visitors and the old adage of 'first impressions count' has never been truer than in the online marketplace. That's why we pour so much effort and dedication into helping you get your online image right.